Sunday, 18 July 2010

Done with Dyson!!

Right, that's it....the Dyson is out to get me!!   

I'm not a big fan of housework at the best of times and I like to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.  Tell me, why on earth has my Dyson got a fan at the front that blows out air, thus whirl-winding dust bunnies away from the sucky-uppy-vacuum-thing?  I spent a good five minutes of immense determination trying to catch said dust bunnies, but after clocking about 2 miles playing the chasing game, many curses later and with an increasing body temperature petering on a dangerous level, I gave up.  Instead, I picked them up and delivered them to the turbines of pain myself....yes, I got rapped on the fingers whilst doing this (what a douche!!).  I cursed again.

After cooling down I proceeded to vacuum the living room but after somehow managing to bash the Dyson into my bare foot and, in close succession, running over the same foot, I cried out the loudest silent "didn't hurt" scream.  I figured enough was enough and I said to myself "sod this, I'm going to blog".

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